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Watercolor traditional animals
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About me


Made by awesome VilGrim

About me

*My nicks are: Maro, Maroko, Fuzzy Maro, Mar0 and Waryś
*My fursona is a hybrid of canine and feline.
*My favourite technique is watercolor
*I am a big fan of pokemons. My favourites are: Typhlosion, Altaria and Luxray.
*I have a plan to make a graphic novel but I still feel not ready
*I collect ACEO cards and love to trade them
*I started to publish my art at March 9, 2006- and this day is a "birthday" of my fursona.
*I draw since I remember. My first drawings were disney characters, especially dogs.
*I love to talk with people about art, creating, ideas, characters, techniques and art supplies.
*My commissions are open

My commission info
My art page

I draw:
Any species of animals in feral on anthro form, wings, fantasy creatures, characters based on pokemon, digimon or mlp, dragons, adult art (with exceptions), badges, portraits, backgrounds, plants, vent art, wounds.

I won't draw:
Architecture, robots, cars, machines, people.

Kiriban: 9000 Pgv HERE

Colored | Traditional | Headshot or bust


My art videos




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:iconpolska-fantastyczna: :iconwatercoloranimals: :iconartistsofchoice:


Journal Entry: Fri Mar 24, 2017, 5:06 PM

I finally picked the winners! That was VERY difficult to do. That's why I write this so late. I didn't expected such amazing designs. You guys did a great job with Your entries. I am just stunned by Your ideas. 
Now I am going to describe my thoughts about every entry. 
Let's start with disqualified designs. 

Moroko by meowchi75 To be honest, this one was very close to charm me. I love animals with furry necks, and such hybrids. I really like the idea here. But this one is uncolored, which means I couldn't accept it. The rule was to follow my color palette. That's really sad because this design had a big chance. 

  Toren by Goku230 I liked the name and backstory about this one, but again, it doesn't follow my color palette. This character had very interesting magical spells. 


Now qualified designs, and next the winners. 

konkurs Maroko1 by FuzzyMaro To be honest, the author of this design is my great friend, and I feel awful for rejecting this great design...but I couldn't really connect with her. I don't really like bats, and this beauty is a bat hybrid. But You must know that I wanted to accept it so bad. I didn't do this, because while I really like her design, I know I wouldn't have an opportunity to use her in any way. She doesn't match my comics ideas, and I couldn't connect with her. I don't want her to be in my stash forever, without any job ;_; 

Maro contest by xKarka I am really glad that my base is used here. It looks like it's possible to do something nice with it. I really liked these stripes on neck hair. It took me so long to think about this one. But I think it's too simple (maybe I will regret this soon because simple designs are best for comics...) 


And now the winners. 
From the beggining, I was about to pick 4 winners. I thought it will encourage people to join... But I didn't expect there will be uncolored designs and some participants without their work sent. So it may look weird that half of participants are winners, but I really tried to decide for like 2 hours and couldn't reject anyone. If some of them were the same species it would be easier. But they are REALLY different and I immediately connected with all these amazing designs. Let me show You what have won my heart. 

4th place 
Kejo by CrazyDragy
This design really fascinated me. I immediately imagined how fun it will be to play with lights from under the wolf's fur. I just can't wait to play with this concept. This one looks like a shaman for me. These markings are really unique and I really like the fact they are glowing. 

3rd place 

Beztytuu by Wilcze
When I first saw this dragon, the whole backstory appeared in my mind. I really like how muscular this dragon is. Drawing him would be an awesome challenge, and he fits my plot for future comics perfectly. I also loved his spots and a huge tail. I am sure that I would use this design in the future. 

2nd place 

Design by ScribbleWoof
This ferret immediately won my heart and everyone's who saw it. Just 3 drawing and a short description, but omg, this character has a SOUL. Adding the shirt was a great idea, it shows his style perfectly. I really like his markings and these beautiful eyes too :heart: 

1st place 


Vatari Concept Art By Roksi10-db2owwi by FuzzyMaro
I really like how many ideas is added here. The character is full of details, but there is not too much of them. It's just a perfect amount. 
I absolutely adore this design, because it has gives me so many ways to experiment with it. I just know that manipulating with this character's feature can be exciting. 
To be honest, I am going to make this one an awesome boss to fight with in my stories XD Still not sure if it's a bad guy or a good one. 
Also, I love assymetrical things. 


Thank You all for participating. As You see, it gave You a big chance to win something. I also want to thank You for good quality drawings and amazing ideas. I didn't expect I will receive such refined ideas. 


Please choose Your prize and message me (telegram @ fuzzymaro, facebook: Fuzzy Creations or note on DA). 
Pyrography prizes will take longer because my pyrograph is broken and I need some time to buy new one or new tips for it. 
Thank You again :) 

Every time I upload something with these designs, I'll link Your profiles as creators of characters.

  • Listening to: My cockatiel singing and screaming
  • Reading: The Bazaar of Bad Dreams
  • Watching: Legion
  • Eating: nomnom


Full illustrations

On the moor by FuzzyMaro Flower garden by FuzzyMaro Autumn walk by FuzzyMaro Unity with nature by FuzzyMaro

My full artworks. Whole paintings are detailed. Backgrounds show specific places (forest, beach, savanna etc). Character can interact with objects.Paintings can be done using followed mediums:
Watercolors, colored pencils, promarkers, aquamarkers, watercolor pencils, acrylic paint. They can be also done digitally.

Simple background

Tsume by FuzzyMaro Fox fires by FuzzyMaro Freedom by FuzzyMaro Galaxy by FuzzyMaro

Examples of my artworks with simple backgrounds. Characters are detailed and background can be abstract (sunset, galaxy sky etc), textured or containing a simple scenery with one or two elements. Place is not specified.

Chaotic portraits

Winter portrait by FuzzyMaro Watercolor Teyka by FuzzyMaro Cuteness by FuzzyMaro

Character decorated with colorful symbols, objects, paint splashes and effects.


commissions: pink by themaunster
trades: pink by themaunster
open for people on similar level
collaborations: pink by themaunster
want to do YCH collab with someone
gifts: pink by themaunster
only for friends
kiriban: pink by themaunster
Kiriban: 9000 Pgv HERE
Colored | Traditional | Headshot or bust
request: pink by themaunster
maybe if You have a gorgeous character
personal: pink by themaunster
Comic page in progress!
sketch trades: pink by themaunster




Artworks burned on the surface of wood. All are handmade! For now, I make only badges or portraits done on plywood and I decorate wooden boxes. I want to start with keychains in the future!


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